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How to reach and where to stay at Meherabad (India)

Samadhi of Meher Baba (Meherabad) India

Activities and important link to visit Meherabad – Meher Baba’s Samadhi (India)

Avatar Meher Baba information website

Avatar Meher Baba information website

MEHERABAD – Roadmap from Mumbai or Pune to Meherabad (India)

Raod Map of Ahmednagtar >> Arangaon Village >> (Meherabad)

Where to Stay in MEHERABAD (View details on this page below)

  • Meher Pilgrim Retreat (INR 500/- a Day approx)
  • Hostel D (INR 150 a Day approx)
  • Andhra Hostle (INR 150 a Day approx)
  • Hotels in Ahmednagar (Contact the Reception)

Avatar Meher Baba information website

Meher Pilgrim Retreat: INR 500/- a day

The MPR is a beautiful place which is open around 9 months in a year. ( From 15 June to Mid March). The “Samadhi” is at a 1.5 kms walking distance from the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat which takes 15 min. Although you can take your car also to the Samadhi which takes a little longer.

Food & Tea:Served at a Common Dining Hall at punctual time.

  • Tea: 6 am
  • Breakfast: 8 am
  • Lunch: 1 pm
  • Tea: 4 pm
  • Dinner: 8 pm
  • Mixed food menu for Westerners and Indians
  • Eggs / Omelette etc served. Rest Vegetarian food.

  • Accommodation: (Men and Women stay in different rooms)

  • Rooms with 1 / 2 / 4 Bed Accommodation – as available
  • Furnished bed with Blankets, Bedsheets, pillows,Towels,Mosquito net etc
  • Reading Table with Lamp
  • Plug points for Laptop/Mobile Charging.
  • Multiple Washrooms & Toilets (Common) and not attached
  • Hot water through Solar Geysers in Washrooms

  • Rules: General Rules of stay.

  • No Drugs or Alcohol
  • No loud music etc
  • Men and Women Stay in Separate Rooms
  • Common Dinning Place for all

  • How to make Reservation

  • Call or Email Reservation office
  • Calls From Outside India +91-241-254-8733
  • Calls From India 0241-254-8733
  • Email: pimco@ambppct.org

  • Check-in Procedure

    Indian citizens with prior reservations can check-in at Meher Pilgrim Retreat between the hours of 10:00 am and 7:00 pm only. Visitors with reservations at Hostel D or Dharmshala may check in between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm. Persons arriving after these designated hours will have to make their own accommodation arrangements for that night in Ahmednagar.

    Non-Indians are required to complete police registration at the Pilgrim Registration Office at the Meher Pilgrim Centre, lower Meherabad, before proceeding to Meher Pilgrim Retreat for check-in. Passport and two small photographs of each person are required. Hours for registration for those with confirmed reservations at Meherabad are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

    The food in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat caters to the Eastern and Western taste, both, as mostly the Westerners stay in the Center. The food is strictly vegetarian, however eggs are frequently used. You may get Bhakri, Paratha, and Roti every day. The necessary expenses towards your stay per day may please be inquired from the office. At the moment (approx) they are around INR 500/- per day per person, all inclusive.

    The Trust wishes certain code of conduct to be observed at the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat, most important of which is that the Men and Women Pilgrims have to stay in Separate Rooms, and not together, even if they are the members of the same family. However men and women are allowed to meet and talk to each other out side of their rooms, and in the dining Hall, and all the places around.

    No accommodation is provided in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat without the prior information of the Trust. Hence all pilgrims visiting Meherabad are requested to write to the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust, clearly mentioning the name, Date of Birth, and sex of each person arriving there, and giving the date and time of arrival and departure. However the pilgrims using e-mail, may send a e-mail requesting for their accommodation to:-

    (Meher Pilgrim Retreat) (INR 500/- per day per person Approx)
    “Pilgrim Reservations”,
    C/o Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust,
    Post Bag No: 31, Kings Road,
    Ahmednagar, (MS), India.
    Pin Code: 411 001.
    Tel (O) 0241- 2548211 [MPR] 0241-2548736 [Reservation Office]
    Email: pimco@ambppct.org

    Click here for more information

    Apart from just a stay, regular programs, like lectures and Film shows on Meher Baba are arranged in the New Meher Pilgrim Retreat, Hostels and other premises on scheduled days, which a Pilgrim may feel free to attend.

    Avatar Meher Baba information website

    Hostel D Lower Meherabad:- INR 150/- per day approx

  • Men and Women stay Separately
  • Beds in Dormitory Style
  • Furnished beds with Mosquito nets etc.
  • Food more to Indian Taste
  • Pure Veg Food with no eggs etc.
  • Toilets not attached but in front of the Hostels
  • One Toilet in Hostel lobby for Senior Citizens

  • There is alternate accommodation available at the Hostel D. This Hostel is situated behind the Old Meher Pilgrim Center. The Hostels provide the same facility like morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to the Pilgrims, with Bed, towels, Blankets, etc, but at a affordable cost.

    The Men and Women pilgrims are however boarded separately at the Hostel also.

    The Hostels do not serve eggs, and we have found the food more inclined towards the Indian spicy taste, and with lesser varieties. However it is purely vegetarian, and good to eat.

    Hostel are indeed more suitable for larger groups or for those who want to stay for more than a just few days at affordable rates :-

    For obtaining accommodation in the Hostels you may write to :-

    (Hostel D Reservations) (INR 150/- per person Approx)
    C/o Mr. Jal P. Dastoor, Trustee,
    Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust,
    Post Office Meherabad,
    District Ahmednagar (MS), India,
    Pin code: 4140005.
    Email: jaibaba@ambppct.org


    It may please be noted that no other accommodation is available at Meherabad, except at Meher Pilgrim Retreat or Hostels, hence you must take care to write to the Trust, well in advance and secure accommodation for your family. There is no alternative accommodation available nearby Meherabad, hence it is advised that Pilgrims willing to stay, may only go there after securing accommodation. Otherwise they can always seek accommodation in some of the Hotels in the Ahmednagar Town.

    However a pilgrim can always go to the “Samadhi” for Darshan, irrespective of where he is staying 365 days a year from 6.00 AM to 8.00 PM every day.

    The necessary expenses towards your stay per day, may please be re-affirmed from the office, as right now they may be around Rs.150/- per day per person (approx) inclusive of all Meals / and Lodging.

    Avatar Meher Baba information website

    Andhra Rest House Meherabad:INR 150/- per day approx

    Andhra Guest Rest House Meherabd

    Andhra Hostel or Rest House is a Privately owned Lodging and Boarding Facility at Meherabad near B.S.N.L. Tower. This Rest House is open 24 Hours for Check in and Check out with Separate Dormitories for Men and Women. The Food is more Indian Style with other facilities similar like the Hostle D. To check regarding availability of accommodation you may call:

    Andhra Rest House (Open 365 days in a year) (INR 100 to 150/- per person Approx)

  • Family Rooms available with attached toilets
  • Men Women family members can stay together if staying in rooms
  • Dormitories / Hall also available
  • Food more South Indian Style
  • Pure Veg Food with no eggs etc.
  • For Reservation: Tel: +91 – 0241-2548544 / 2548017
  • Mobile: 09848111671 / 09011751910

  • Location:

    Opposite B.S.N.L. Tower, Near Meher Nazar Colony,
    Arangaon – Meherabad AHMEDNAGAR 414004 (MS) India.
    Tel: +91 – 0241-2548544 / 2548017
    Secretary Mr. Y.S. Rao : 09848111671 / 09011751910 For any further information.
    WesiteBlog http://andhraresthouse.blogspot.com

    [Food and Accommodation Charges per person per day 150/- INR – approx]

    To view more information about Boarding Arrangements etc, please click to view the Brochure

    Meher Baba website trustMeher.org

    Hotels in Ahmednagar

    For more information on Stay in Ahmednagar please call some of the Hotels

    VAIBHAV HOTEL Tel: 0241 – 2358112 / 2419509
    [Near Bus Stand in Ahmednagar Town – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 900 to 1500 INR]

    SANKET HOTEL Tel: 0241- 2470701 / 9422222021 / 9422222020
    [www.hotelsanket.com Ahmednagar City – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 1000 to 1500 INR]

    YASHRAJ HOTEL Mobile: 09763795688
    [Near Kinetic Square and Railway Station on way to Meherabad]

    YASH GRAND Tel: 0241-2470625 / 2470725 Email: yashgrand [at] gmail.com
    [New Hotel Behind Ahmednagar Railway Station – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 2000 to 2500 INR]

    YASH HOTEL Tel: 0241-2321825 / 23222385
    [Near Ahmednagar Bus Stand – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 1600 to 2700 INR]

    [Note: Tariff updated in Aug 2010 on phone from all the Hotel Receptions – It may be less or more at the time of your actual Booking which may be negotiated / verified ]

    Meher Baba website trustMeher.org

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