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Remembering Kalemama

RAMCHANDRA BAPUJI KALE, popularly known to Baba’s Mandali as Kalemama, was born on 12th February 1877, in a fairly well-to-do Brahmin family of Kolhapur. His father was a working in the Khasgi Kacheri (Personal Office) of His Highness the Maharaja of Kolhapur. After graduation in Engineering in the year 1903 from Poona Science College (now known as the College of Engineering), Kalemama settled down in life and plied his engineering profession in Bombay Presidency in very many capacities—official and private. Kalemama first came into contact with Meher Baba in May 1926, when he was in service as Chief Officer to the Dhulia City Municipality (West Khandesh). Although believing in saints and saintliness, Kalemama never bestirred himself to have the Darshan of any living saint and the few places of pilgrimage he happened to visit, had no avowed spiritual object behind them. [… More info …]