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Samadhi of Meher Baba (Meherabad) India

Meherabad – Meher Baba’s Samadhi (India) – PIN CODE: 411006

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Meher Baba Samadhi is in Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra State of India, lovingly known as Meherabad. This is a small walkable hill with “Samadhi”, Babas room and Museum and library etc., and some places around the hill for stay/food for pilgrims which are maintained by the Trust. It is one of the most serene and quietest places of the world, where you can stay a few days with family. Keep reading below for tips on how to reach, how to stay and rules to follow.

How to reach Meherabad (Ahmednagar District) Maharashtra India.

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PUNE-MEHERABAD (121kms) Car/Taxi Rs.2500 – 2.5 hours
MUMBAI-MEHERABAD (252kms) Car/Taxi Rs.4500/- 6 hours.
SHIRDI-MEHERABAD 90 kms. Car/Taxi Rs.2250/- 2 hours drive.
AHMEDNAGAR-MEHERABAD 5 kms. Auto Rs.150/- 15 min drive.


On 31st January 1969, when Meher Baba dropped His physical body, it was brought to this “Samadhi (resting place)” on the Meherabad hill, and as per his instructions placed inside “Samadhi”. Meherabad is now a place of holy pilgrimage for his eastern and western followers, with hundreds of visitors every day from all over the world, as Baba’s own physical form is entombed in “Samadhi”.

While you are at “Samadhi”

  • Samadhi Open from 6 a.m. till 7.45 p.m. all days of year.
  • Prayers and Aarti at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. followed by few Bhajans.
  • Please maintain Silence and peace around Samadhi.
  • Garlands and Prasad (dry) allowed.
  • Do not leave any financial donations inside the Samadhi.
  • If interested in donating, please contact Attendant on duty.
  • Keep mobile phones on Silent mode
  • Do not touch Mural paintings inside Samadhi.
  • Food and Accommodation available on Booking.(Details below).
  • Books available at nearby stores like Meher Nazar or Meher Darbar .

Important Events

important events at meherabad

Where to get Food and accommodation for stay:-

places for stay in Meherabad

  • (1) Meher Pilgrim Retreat [Scroll Below]
  • MPR – Rs. 600/- per day per person for food + stay. Managed by Trust.
  • MPR – Single meal. Rs. 110/- per person.
  • Call:+91(0241)254-8733 Reservation office 09.30 am to 01.0 pm (Sunday off).
  • Email: ( Write Name,Age, arrival/departure date time.
  • Furnished Rooms with bed. Men women stay in separate wings.
  • Multiple Washrooms & Toilets (Common) and not attached
  • Dining Hall with 8 am Breakfast. 1 p.m. Lunch. 8 p.m. Dinner
  • Vegetarian food with some extra Egg dishes
  • Tea Twice day at 6 am and 4 pm.
  • MPR is Closed: 15 March till 15 June

  • (2) Hostel D [Scroll Below]
  • Approx Rs. 200/- per day per person for food + stay. Managed by Trust.
  • Call: +91-(241)254-8224 / 254-8777 Office 09.30 am to 04.0 pm (Sunday off).
  • Email:
  • Dormitories with bed. Men women stay separately.
  • Dining Hall with 8 am Breakfast. 1 p.m. Lunch. 8 p.m. Dinner
  • Fully Vegetarian food completely without Eggs
  • Hostel D Closed: 15 March to 25 May

  • (3) Andhra Rest House Open During Amartithi only [Scroll Below]
  • Approx Rs.200/- per day per person for food + stay. (Privately Owned Guest House).
  • Call: (+91) 99121 99978 Shrinivas.
  • Family rooms with attached toilets and dormitories available
  • Fully Vegetarian food completely without Eggs
  • Open only during Amartithi Private facility not managed by Trust.

  • (4) Hotels in Ahmednagar. [Scroll Below]
  • Please scroll below for Ahmednagar Hotel contact details.

Meherabad - Meher Baba's Samadhi (India) - PIN 414006

MEHER PILGRIM RETREAT: Rs.600/- for FOOD+STAY each person.

MPR meher pilgrim retreat meherbad

Rooms inside MPR

Dining Hall at MPR Meherabad

The MPR or Meher Pilgrim Retreat is a beautiful place which is open around 9 months in a year. (Open From 15 June to Mid March). The “Samadhi” is at a 1.5 kms walking distance from the Meher Pilgrim Retreat, which takes 15 min. Although you can take your car also to the Samadhi which takes a circular road little longer. Single rooms or double or 4 bed rooms available with multiple sets of (common) toilets. Please request your choice while booking through email. (Men and women rest in separate rooms). Families can be together outside their rooms.

Food & Tea: Served at a Common Dining Hall at punctual time.

food serving cycle at Meherabad

  • Tea: 6 am
  • Breakfast: 8 am
  • Lunch: 1 pm till 1.45 pm only
  • Tea: 4 pm – Snacks occasionally.
  • Dinner: 8 pm till 8.45 pm only
  • Mixed menu for Westerners and Indians
  • Reach on time. Food service strictly punctual.
  • Completely Vegetarian food. Eggs dishes served occasionally.

Accommodation: (Men and Women stay in different rooms) – What you get?

  • Excellent Architecture and World class design.
  • Rooms with 1/2/4 furnished Bed Accommodation – Request preference.
  • Multiple Washrooms & Toilets (Common) non-attached.
  • Request room adjoining Washroom for old pilgrims.
  • Get wheel-chairs for elders. Small Kids not allowed.
  • Indian and Western Toilets both Available.
  • Bring your own Toilet paper roll, toiletries, soap etc.
  • Furnished Beds with blankets, pillows, mosquito net.
  • Individual Almira or closet with lock.
  • Individual Reading desk with Lamp
  • Plug points for Laptop/Mobile Charging.
  • Filtered Drinking water available.
  • Hot water through Solar Geysers in Washrooms for Bath.
  • Washbasins with large Mirrors for shaving etc.
  • Library and Music rooms.
  • Talks and Films – check schedule of the day.
  • Free Bus service at 10 a.m to City or Meherazad alternately.
  • Bringing Car/Bus drivers? Washrooms at lobby available.

Rules: General Rules of stay.

  • No Drugs or Alcohol.
  • No loud music etc.
  • No revealing Clothes.
  • Men and Women Stay in Separate Wings.
  • Men/Women not allowed to enter each others rooms.
  • Although Men/Women and families can spend time together in common places.
  • Common Dining Hall for all. Buffet Lunch / Dinner and tea.
  • Car/ Bus driver etc.? Pay per meal without accommodation. Toilets available.
  • Observe Silence around Samadhi.
  • Keep mobile phones in Silent mode
  • Do not Tip or pay the local staff.
  • You can borrow books for readings from Reception
  • For Taxi or auto, medical help or other, contact reception
  • For Children Indian under 2 yrs. Non-Indian under 6 yrs. Room stay NOT Allowed.
  • Animals, dogs or pets not allowed.
  • For buying Books/DVD, Prasad etc get numbers from Reception.
  • For Garlands and flowers Call:+91-98601-43715 or +91-91459-09391

How to make Reservations in MPR

  • Call or Email Reservation office
  • Call: +91-(241)254-8733 Reservation office 09.30 to 1.0 (Sunday off).
  • Call Reception +91-(241)-254-8211
  • Email: ( Write Name,Age, arrival/departure date time.
  • Charges INR 600/- per person per day approx.

Check-in Procedure

First timers Orientation at MPR is a 15 minutes session at Reception Desk, everybody will be asked to attend during check-in. This may help you understand the sanctity of the place and “do’s and don’ts.” Remember, Meherabad is a Pilgrim place and not a holiday home and some or other inconvenience is not impossible. So please follow the rules and customs and be Happy, Don’t Worry.

Indian citizens with prior reservations can check-in at Meher Pilgrim Retreat between the hours of 10:00 am and 7:00 pm only. Visitors with reservations at Hostel D or Dharmshala may check in between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm. Persons arriving after these designated hours will have to make their own accommodation arrangements for that night in Ahmednagar town. Talk to reception in case if your Train or flight etc is running late.

Non-Indians are required to complete police registration at the Pilgrim Registration Office at the lower Meherabad first, before proceeding to Meher Pilgrim Retreat for check-in. Passport and two small photographs of each person are required. Hours for registration for those with confirmed reservations at Meherabad are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Food in the Meher Pilgrim Retreat caters to the Eastern and Western taste, both, as Westerners are regular visitors in the MPR. The food is strictly vegetarian, however eggs are frequently used as a separate dish marked clearly. You may get Bhakri, Paratha, and Roti (forms of Indian bread) every day. The necessary expenses towards your stay per day may please be inquired from the office. At the moment (approx) they are around INR 600/- per day per person, all inclusive. Those taking only Meals can pay over the counter for food.

The Trust wishes certain code of conduct to be observed at the Meher Pilgrim Retreat, most important that Men and Women Pilgrims are accommodated in Separate Rooms, even if they are the members of the same family. However they can be together out side of their rooms, in the entire premises. No drugs, no alcohol etc is already explained earlier.

No accommodation is provided in the Meher Pilgrim Retreat without prior booking. Please write to the Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust, clearly mentioning Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, and Gender of person(s) arriving, date and time of arrival/departure and Return address and telephone numbers by sending an e-mail request to

(Meher Pilgrim Retreat) (INR 600/- per day per person Approx)
“Pilgrim Reservations”,
C/o Avatar Meher Baba P.P.C. Trust,
Post Bag No: 31, Kings Road,
Ahmednagar, (MS), India.
Pin Code: 411 001.
Tel +91-(241)254-8211 [MPR] +91-(241)254-8736 [Reservation Office]

Click here for additional information

Regular programs, like lectures and Film shows on Meher Baba are arranged in the Meher Pilgrim Retreat, Hostels and other premises on scheduled days, to which all Pilgrims are invited to attend irrespective of residence. The schedule is available on Notice Boards.

HOSTEL D Lower Meherabad:-Rs.170/- for FOOD+STAY each person.

hostel D meherabad
hostel D kitchen meherabad
hostel D dormitory

  • Men and Women stay Separately.
  • Beds in Dormitory Style.
  • Furnished beds with Towels, Blankets, Mosquito nets etc.
  • Hot water through Solar
  • Food more to Indian Taste.
  • Pure Vegetarian Food without Eggs.
  • Toilets not attached but in front of the Hostels.
  • One Toilet in Hostel lobby for Senior Citizens.
  • Talks and Films – check schedule of the day.
  • Free Bus service at 10 a.m to City or Meherazad alternately.
  • Bringing Car/Bus drivers? Common Washrooms available.
  • Hostel D remains Closed: from 15 March to 25 May every year.

Hostel D is economical accommodation facility subsidized by Trust. This Hostel is situated at lower Meherabad. The Hostels provide facilities like morning Tea, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner to the Pilgrims, with furnished dormitory Beds with Blankets, mosquito nets etc, at affordable subsidized cost of approx INR 170/- per person a day. (Men and Women pilgrims are boarded in separate dormitories at Hostel D)

The Hostels do not serve eggs, and food is more inclined towards Indian (medium-spicy) recipes. However it is purely vegetarian, and good to eat.

Hostel are indeed more suitable for larger groups or for those who want to stay for more than a just few days at affordable rates :-

For obtaining accommodation in the Hostels you may write to

(Hostel D Reservations) (INR 170/- per person Approx)
C/o Mr. Jal P. Dastoor, Trustee,
Avatar Meher Baba PPC Trust,
Post Office Meherabad,
District Ahmednagar (MS), India,
Pin code: 4140005.

Tel.:+91-(241)-254-8224 or +91-(241)-254-8777

Pilgrims may please Note:

Meherabad is a solitary place and no alternate accommodation is available except which are provided by Trust or authorized service providers. Please therefore always write to the Trust well in advance and secure accommodation for you or family and friends. Pilgrims should not go to Meherbad expecting to be accommodated willing to stay. If you want to be accommodated on arrival, you may rarely get if available, and the viable alternative will be to seek accommodation in some of the hotels in Ahmednagar proper, around 5 kms.

However any group of pilgrims visiting “Samadhi” for Darshan only, and not requiring accommodation are welcome 365 days a year from 6 a.m. to 7.45 p.m every day for which no prior intimation to the Trust office etc. is required. Prayers and Aarti are performed at 7 a.m and 7 p.m every day followed by singing of bhajans for 45 minutes after Aarti, which you can participate.

The sums listed above may have changed between the time of authorship of this site and the time of your visit. Please reconfirm with the office.

ANDHRA HOSTEL Meherabad-Rs.170/- for FOOD+STAY each person.

Andhra Guest Rest House Meherabd

Andhra Hostel or Rest House is a Privately owned Lodging and Boarding Facility at Meherabad location near B.S.N.L. Tower. This Rest House is open 24 Hours 365 days a year with Separate Dormitories for Men and Women, and some special rooms where families can live together. The Food is more of South Indian Style with other facilities similar to Hostle D. To check accommodation availability you may call:

Andhra Rest House (Open during Amartithi only) (INR 200/- per person Approx FOR FOOD+STAY)

  • Family Rooms available with attached toilets
  • Men, Women, & family members can stay together if staying in rooms
  • Dormitories / Hall also available [Separate for men and women]
  • Food more South Indian Style
  • Pure Veg Food with no eggs etc.
  • Call: (+91) 99121 99978 Shrinivas.

Contact details:

Andhra Rest House – Meherabad
Opposite B.S.N.L. Tower, Near Meher Nazar Colony,
Arangaon – Meherabad AHMEDNAGAR 414004 (MS) India.
Call: (+91) 99121 99978 Shrinivas.

[Food and Accommodation Charges per person per day 200/- INR – approx]

To view more information about Boarding Arrangements etc, please click to view the Brochure


For stay in Ahmednagar City Hotels (approx 5 kms from Meherabad)

VAIBHAV HOTEL Tel: +91.241-235-8112 / 241-9509
[Near Bus Stand in Ahmednagar Town – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 900 to 1500 INR]

SANKET HOTEL Tel: +91.241-247-0701 / +91.9422222021 / +91.9422222020
[ Ahmednagar City – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 1000 to 1500 INR]

YASHRAJ HOTEL Mobile: +91.9763795688
[Near Kinetic Square and Railway Station on way to Meherabad]

YASH GRAND Tel: +91.241-247-0625 / 247-0725 Email: yashgrand [at]
[New Hotel Behind Ahmednagar Railway Station – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 2000 to 2500 INR]

YASH HOTEL Tel: +91.241-232-1825 / 232-22385
[Near Ahmednagar Bus Stand – Approx. Double Occupancy Rooms Tariff from 1600 to 2700 INR]

[Note: Please confirm Tariff at the time of your actual Booking and we suggest to negotiate]

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