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Meher Baba Dictating a message on alphabet board

Meher Baba said, “I have come not to teach but to awaken.” Yet in his books and messages, he offers humanity spiritual illumination and inspiration. Besides printed messages, at times Baba would convey something of particular interest through the alphabet board at sahavas gatherings, which would be relayed over a loudspeaker. The legacy of his words includes Discourses, a guidebook on practical spirituality; and God Speaks, a profound and unparalleled exposition outlining the spiritual framework of creation. His many uplifting messages on the subject of love can be found throughout the numerous books by and about Meher Baba.


Avatar Meher Baba Web Sites

Avatar Meher Baba Web Sites

Meher Baba the Silent Spiritual Guru communicated through Alphabet Board as he started observing Silence at an early age from 1925. Meher Baba observed complete verbal silence for 44 years from 1925 until 1969 when he dropped his body. During his lifetime he was extensively communicative and with the help of his disciples would express his thoughts on an Alphabet Board using his fingers, the same way the world is using the Keyboard now on mobile phones. These messages or communications spelled out on the Alphabet board were read out by his intimate disciples like Eruch Jessawala and few others who developed an extraordinary command over this skill. Later Meher Baba intensified his Silence and stopped using the Alphabet board, and communicated through hand gestures only. Baba traveled hundreds of places in India and toured many of the Countries like USA, UK, Australia, Egypt, Iran, China and others, some of them a number of times. His Silence was more talkative then an ordinary person. Meher Baba also dictated Books or parts of Books through his gestures or alphabet board which were published in his lifetime. GodSpeaks and Discourses are well known publications dictated by Meher Baba.

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