V Ramarao disciple of Meher Baba

Ramarao of Bilaspur – Life with Meher Baba

Baba’s dear Ramarao passed away at Meherabad today at around 7.30 pm. Cremation will be held on tomorrow 8th October 2010. He was 83

V Ramarao Disciple of Meher Baba

Ramarao was one of the Happy faces seen at Meherabad. He was well known to the Andhra Groups and many Westerners and most of the Pilgrims from India, for his constantly helping attitude and the many wonderful stories of his life with Baba.

V Ramarao Meher Baba

Ramarao born 1926, was Superintendent of I.T.I. Hostel at Koni in Bilaspur district of (India) when he came in contact with Meher Baba. Presently he was staying at Meherabad, amidst all odds, befitting himself to Baba’s work in his own way, in spite of the fact that he possesses a family of Children and grand children, all well placed in India and United States.

V ramarao of Bilaspur and disciple of Meher Baba

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