Murli Kale family letters


Murli Kale mandali of Meher Baba

Murli Kale passport copy

Murli Kale PostOffice ID card taken during start of New Life of Meher Baba

Murli Kale

Murli Kale was born on 27 July 1913 at Akalkot in Bombay State (India). His father Kalemama was Meher Baba’s old Mandali since 1927. Murli alongwith his elder brother Babu or Shreedhar joined Babas ashram and both brothers were among the first few students of Hazrat Babajan school started in 1927 at Meherabad. Murli later qualified in Homeopathy and also looked after Meherabad dispensary and further joined New Life in 1949. Baba Highly praised Murli for his exemplary behavior and cheerful attitude during upheavals of New Life.

“When the meeting was ending, Baba turned to Murli Kale and, before everyone, praised him for his consistently exemplary behavior in conforming with the conditions of the New Life. From among all the companions, Baba stated that Murli alone had managed to remain cheerful throughout all the ups and down faced so far. Baba folded his hands to Murli as a salaam in recognition of his merits. The meeting ended at eleven o’clock that morning, and Baba departed.”

“The men agreed that Murli had indeed managed to fulfill the New Life conditions. Once, when they had been traveling by bus, Baba told the companions to get down and come by the next bus, which they did. At the bus stand Murli saw his sister. In obedience to the conditions, he turned his face and walked away without speaking to her. The next day, he received a telegram that his sister had died; even then he kept up a cheerful appearance.”

Baba  praises Murli Kale during New life

LORD MEHER, Vol. Nine & Ten, pp. 3586-3587
Copyright 1996 Lawrence Reiter

For all Men and Women mandali who joined New life, Identity Cards were got issued from Ahmednagar Post office for proving their identity during ups and downs of New Life. Scan of Murli Kales identity card issued on 5th July 1949 is above, which shows his permanent address as Meherabad, Ahmednagar District (India).

Also Murli was very close to Don Stevens and Don arranged for his higher studies in Homeopathy at London. Murli’s passport copy is also above with permanent address at Meher Baba’s ashram Meherabad. However he never went to England and stayed in India rest of his life after New life ended.