Anna Saheb Kale was the elder brother of Ramchandra Bapu Kale who was popularly known as Kalemama

Annasaheb Kale, Kalemama’s brother, was among those new devotees who had come to Nasik for Meher Baba’s birthday. During darshan, he invited Baba to visit his house in Kolhapur. Many others from South India also invited Baba to come to their homes. Baba was considering their requests since he wanted to go on tour.

In November 1929, Baba went to the Pandu Lena Caves several times and once visited Gangapur Falls. On 30th November, Kalemama came to Nasik with his wife Janaki and his elder brother Annasaheb Kale. Baba personally looked after them and ordered the best arrangements for their stay, for these three individuals were soon to become permanent members of his mandali.

Annasaheb Kale was among those new devotees who had come to Nasik for Meher Baba’s birthday. During darshan he invited Baba to visit his house in Kolhapur.

On Monday, 14 April 1930, Baba and the mandali went to Annasaheb Kale’s residence for lunch, and in the evening at the Tapovan Baba, played a game of field hockey with the schoolboys. While Baba was playing with the boys, the ex-Diwan of Kolhapur state and two other influential men drove up in an expensive car. They were surprised to find Meher Baba playing hockey. They desired darshan and Baba granted their request, and dictated this brief message:

With children, I am a child; with the old, I am old. With women, I am a woman; with men, a man. With the rich, I am rich; and with the poor, I am poor. Despite all this, I love children most as they have no desires. I enjoy playing with them, and my playing with them makes them drink Wine (feel love) which they can drink more of while play.

Annasaheb Kale came some time later to stay permanently in 1933.

In 1940, Annasaheb Kale was staying in lower Meherabad. Annasaheb Kale along with others was ordered to observe silence from 1st of August 1940.

In 1945, afternoon, at five o’clock, the mandali were divided into two teams and a volleyball match was played at Meherabad. Annasaheb Kale was the referee, Sailor the captain of one team, and Sidhu of the other. On Sailor’s team were Adi Sr., Babadas, Babu (Kamble), Chhagan, Don, Ghani, Ramjoo’s son, Kasam, and Kashya (a servant). On Sidhu’s side were Anna 104, Dattu, Jangle, Murli, Padri, Pendu, Savak and Talya (a servant). Baba awarded a prize of Rs.28 to the winning team.

In 1948, at Meherabad, on the morning of the 26th of February, Baba broke His 40-day fast. In his presence, Nilu, Don and Ghani also broke their partial fast of 25 days by eating some food in front of Baba. Kaka and Annasaheb Kale broke their silence of the past 25 days by speaking to Baba.

Annasaheb [Kale], his brother, is just the opposite. He is a man with a well-balanced mind, a systematic worker. His faith and love for me are exemplary. He does all types of work for me. He even works in the cinema to earn money for expenses connected with My work. After all, the money spent for My work is given to Me by My disciples.


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