Roshan Kerawala

Roshan Kerawala was daughter of Homi Satha (Mama) was married to Sam Kerawala.

Homi Mama Satha and his wife Pilla (who lived in Bombay) came to see Baba with their children Alu, Dhun, Naval and Roshan. As instructed, Chanji stopped them. Baba saw this from His room. He came out, and, taking Chanji to task, scolded, “Why do you prevent them from coming inside? Don’t you know who they are? They are part of the Sathas of Ahmednagar. Let them come in.” Baba visited with them in His room. Roshan was just a baby, and Baba held her on His lap. He assured Homi that He would look after the children and not to worry about them. Baba handed Roshan to Homi Mama’s sister Banumasi Kerawala, who was also present. No one then could understand the significance lying behind this seemingly simple gesture of Baba’s. But years later, when Roshan married Banumasi’s son, Sam, they recalled this incident and understood its meaning.

Alu, Dhun and Naval had all been struck with muscular dystrophy, and Homi was afraid that Roshan too would be afflicted with it. But before he could mention this, Baba comforted him, indicating Roshan would be spared. Baba gave Dhun and Naval each a rose to eat and the family left happily.

Baba’s 54th birthday was observed (according to the Parsi calendar) on 13th February 1948. Baba called the women from Meherabad to Pimpalgaon in the afternoon for a bhajan performance by an Arangaon group. Baba also allowed to attend the festivities from Ahmednagar where Khorshed Banu (Goher’s mother) and her daughter Roshan and others participated.

Baba did not relieve disability of Dhun and Alu Satha, but He did help them keep happy, teaching them to bear their sorrow and pain cheerfully. Their younger sister, Roshan, who was unaffected by the disease, was also much loved by Baba. Once when the family visited Meherabad, Baba picked up Roshan and carried her all the way to Upper Meherabad on His shoulders.

After darshan program in Poona, Baba departed for Meherazad with Roshan and was dropped at Akbar Press, where Baba again saw His lovers. A great saint lived in Bombay, named Kammu Baba, who had been with Sai Baba. For several years, Baba had been indirectly contacting this highly advanced soul through Roshan, who was studying in Bombay. Baba would send her instructions to contact Kammu Baba and give him a certain message, and the saint would dictate a reply.

In 1955, Baba sent word to Roshan that she should contact Kammu Baba one last time and then not go to him again. Although Baba would often mention Kammu Baba as one of the seven saints in India who was very dear to Him, He never physically contacted him.

Banumasi Kerawala had two sons, Dadi and Sam. Their first cousin Roshan belonged to the Satha family of Ahmednagar. Roshan’s brother, Naval, and sister, Dhun, were crippled with muscular dystrophy, but Baba had promised that Roshan would not suffer from the disease.

Once, when Roshan was a baby, Baba had put her in Banumasi’s lap. No one had gauged the significance of this act then, but years later, on 21st March 1958, in Poona, with Baba’s approval, Roshan and Sam Kerawala were married. That day, Baba, His mandali and several of the Poona lovers were served a lavish meal by the wedding party. The next day, the couple came to Ganeshkhind seeking Baba’s blessing.

Roshan Kerawala gave birth to a daughter on 21st February 1959, whom Baba named Mehera. At the end of April, their cousin, Meheru Mehta gave birth to a son whom Baba named Merwan. Meheru Mehta also came to stay in Bindra House, and whenever Baba would visit there with the women mandali, He would cuddle the two infants. After being served sherbet, Baba and the mandali would return to Guruprasad.

When Mehera Kerawala was born, Roshan had to have two or three stitches, but when the doctor took them out, one was left uncut by mistake. Roshan started having severe discomfort and consulted the doctor, who examined her and said everything was all right. Her trouble persisted and increased. One day when Baba was visiting, finding her looking dejected, He asked the reason and she told him. Baba immediately sent for Goher from Guruprasad. Goher was told the trouble, but she said, “I haven’t brought my surgical instruments with me.”

Baba asked her crossly, “Then have you come here to stare at Me?”

So Goher went back and returned with the required medical supplies. On examination, she found that one stitch remained uncut and had become enveloped in a layer of skin.

Baba ordered, “Take it out.”

“Baba, it should be done in the hospital,” Goher protested, “not here.”

“Oh for God’s sake, quit arguing and take it out!” Baba insisted.

Despite Goher’s reluctance and repeated requests to take Roshan to a hospital, Baba insisted she do the operation then and there. He assured Goher, “Don’t be afraid; just keep looking at My photograph and that will steady your nerves.” Cutting open the layer of skin, Goher took out the stitch, and surprisingly Roshan did not feel the least pain.

Sarosh saw Baba at Guruprasad on 17th May 1961. Dolly Dastoor of Bombay came for Baba’s darshan that day. Baba asked, “Why hasn’t Roshan, her sister come with you?” Baba then remembered and innocently asked, “Isn’t she pregnant?” Dolly said yes. She returned to Bombay that day and learned that Roshan had given birth early the same morning, to a daughter who was named Mehernaz.

Ten days later, Roshan and the baby came for Baba’s darshan. Baba inquired whether the baby was covered properly. “Otherwise, she will catch a cold,” He warned.

Alu Satha’s condition worsened and she stopped eating and drinking. On 8th November 1961 she asked her sister Roshan to write again to Baba. Baba was in seclusion and feeling quite ill Himself that day. Roshan explained to Alu that there was no chance that Baba would come just to visit her. Unexpectedly, when Baba received her message He went to see Alu. Baba asked for a glass of sherbet. He drank most of it and gave the remaining amount to Alu.

He consoled her. Baba had a fever and was perspiring. He took a handkerchief from His pocket, wiped the sweat from His forehead and gave it to Roshan to tie on Alu’s right hand. Baba instructed Roshan to place His photograph on the small refrigerator opposite Alu’s bed, so that she could see it and focus her attention on it.

One evening, Sam Kerawala came to Guruprasad. He was a merchant marine radio officer on a ship, and had come home on a six-month leave. Baba asked him, “Do you love Roshan (his wife) more than Me?”

“I cannot say,” said Sam, “but I don’t feel as restless to see you as I do to see Roshan.”

“Do you think I am away from you?” Baba inquired.

“I never think so; I always feel that you are with me.”

“That is why you are not restless for Me! If you become as anxious to see Me as you do to see Roshan, you will be inspired to have that restlessness. You only think that I am with you, but you never try to see Me with you. If you do that, you will have that restlessness for Me.”


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