Gaimai Jessawala mother of Eruch

(Mother of Eruch & Meherwan Jessawala)

Gaimai Jessawala was the wife of Behramshah Jessawala & mother of Eruch. She was born and lived in a small rural agricultural town of Ahmednagar until her marriage. The family home was known as Akbar Press. She was always drawn to the spiritual life and not interested in material luxuries. She was beautiful and married to 15 year older husband and a successful company executive. Her real beauty was her love for Zoroaster which later her love for him in His advent as Avatar Meher Baba.

Her Contact and dialogues with Meher Baba are elaborated as under:

Meher Baba called Eruch and all his family to come to Poona leaving Nagpur by 1st August 1938. Eruch consulted his father and mother who also agreed to move to Poona. Eruch thought of selling his Nagpur property (Marry Lodge) to a lady known to him who bargained extremely low price for the telling lie that she can afford only that much money. Eruch accepted the price in order to meet the date line given by Baba. Later the lady who purchased the Marry Lodge at extremely low price came to Poona in search of Eruch and met Gaimai. She revealed that she had sold the property after six month because they found Baba in every room they entered. Having confessed of his telling lie in the deal, her consciousness pricked her and wanted to pay back the amount. She had brought a suitcase in full of currency note, but Gaimai refused to accept it and said to the she should in the name of Meher Baba give to the needy then her conscience would be clear. Eruch when back from tour with Baba, praised his mother for not accepting the money.

Gaimai Jessawala dedicated herself to Baba’s service along with her husband Behramshah. Her son Meherwan & Eruch were to follow her example later and dedicated to Baba.

Baba said “Gaimai will be my mother in my new advent after 700 years and Kharman Masi will be my father.


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