She was the eldest daughter of Behram Sheriyar & Perin Irani

Her contact with Meher Baba and life time incidents are described as under.

In 1919, Kaikhushru Masa, Soonamasi, and Gulnar were present before Upasni Maharaj, they spoke to him about Gulnar’s rash, and then about Gulmai’s devotional nature and her family problems. Gulnar explained to the Sadguru, “My sister-in-law is very depressed and alienated; she faces oppressive conditions in her husband’s joint-family household. Could you draw her to you like you have drawn us?”

Upasni replied, “Do not be so worried about her. I will do the same for her as I have done for you. You and she, as well as the whole family, will come to me. Have faith and come to Sakori as frequently as you can. Your skin disease — and her depression — will disappear.”

After eleven days Baba arrived in Bombay at noon on 23rd November 1934, and met by Adi Sr. and Adi Jr. Beheram’s wife Perin had given birth to a baby girl six days before, so before visiting Memo, Baba was driven to Parekh Hospital at Khetwadi to see them and His new niece. Baba named the child Soonu, but He later changed her name to Gulnar when Memo requested that the girl be named after Shireenmai’s mother Golandoon.

After Shireenmai’s funeral, on 27th February 1943, Baba returned to Poona, where He stayed at Bindra House. This time he did go to Baba House, and saw Beheram and his wife Perin. Beheram and Perin’s children, Sheroo, age eight, and Gulnar, seven, loved Baba. For a while, Baba played with the two children.

The Zoroastrian navjot (thread) ceremony of Baba’s brother Beheram’s son and daughter, Sheroo and Gulnar, was held before Baba at Meherabad on 29th January 1944.
Gulnar and Sheroo had been in Baba’s contact since childhood.

Baba would ask them, “Who am I?”
“God!” they chorused.
“What does God look like?”
“Like Baba!” said Gulnar.
“Bigger than even the sky!” shouted Sheroo.
Baba asked, “Do you love me or your parents more?”
“We love you more.”
“Because you look so beautiful!” they replied.

Beheram’s daughter Gulnar was to be married later that year. Her fiancé, Jehangu Sukhadwalla, was a daily visitor to Guruprasad. Baba fixed the date for the wedding for the following October 1959. Beheram’s wife Perin told Baba, “Gulnar has doubts about Jehangu’s love for you. If he doesn’t love you, it will be a matter of lifelong misery for her.”

Baba assured her, “Jehangu has a very old and longstanding connection with Me. Gulnar should not worry.” And, as time went on, Jehangu did begin loving Baba as if he were an old-time lover.

On the 28th, Jalbhai returned to Meherazad from Poona for a short stay. Two days later, Beheram’s wife Perin came with her sons Sohrab and Rustom, her daughter Gulnar and Gulnar’s fiancé Jehangu Sukhadwalla. (Baba took a “holiday” from His work with Kaikobad that day and from washing the feet of the poor.) Baba had approved the match and fixed the date of their wedding for 16th October 1959 in Bombay. He remarked to Jehangu, “You are really lucky to have found Gulnar, for through her you have found me!”

As they were leaving, heavy rain showers fell — an auspicious sign and tangible proof of Baba’s blessings for the couple. Because of the downpour, their departure was delayed by two hours as the nallahs (streambeds) that intersected the road were overflowing.

During this period, Jehangu Sukhadwalla, Baba’s niece Gulnar’s husband, was working at the Poona airport. One evening as he was riding home on his scooter, he hit a pothole in the road and his brakes jammed. He was flung to the far side of the road, and his scooter went flying in the opposite direction. He emerged unscathed, and he attributed it to his crying out Baba’s name with all his heart.

The next afternoon, when Jehangu excitedly recounted his “miraculous” escape to Baba, saying it was he who had saved him, Baba corrected him: “It is not my miracle. I do not perform miracles! You say that at the time of the accident you were wholeheartedly remembering me. So, call it the miracle of my name.
“When everything goes wrong, the mind becomes helpless and it has to rely entirely on the heart. These are the moments when you resign to My will and so rely solely on My help. When you leave all to Me, I dare not care not and you are relieved from the predicament.”

In 1963, during a darshan program, a dozen Gujarati women came for Baba’s darshan. They were led by one woman who was revered as a saint and had a large following in Gujarat. They asked Baba if they could be given the privilege of singing a bhajan. Baba permitted it and they sang in beautiful harmony. Others joined in the singing. Even Baba tapped his chair in time to the music. After this, Baba’s grandniece Mehernaz (Jehangu and Gulnar’s four-year-old daughter) gave a cute dance performance. Baba asked his brother Beheram, (the child’s grandfather), to take a movie of her. Beheram was kept busy with his camera that day.

Before Baba’s arrival at Guruprasad each year, Jehangu and Gulnar Sukhadwalla with few others would have the palace cleaned and everything prepared. However, no one was allowed to be present to receive Baba when he arrived, except for Meherjee, Meherwan and Jehangu.5067-1964

On Sunday morning, 5 June 1966, Beheram’s family came to Guruprasad for Jehangu and Gulnar’s daughter Mehernaz’s navjot ceremony. The child’s sadra, kusti, cap and new clothes were arranged on a steel platter in front of Baba. Baba handed her the sadra and kusti, and also a piece of paper on which was written his message (the same one given to Jim Mistry’s sons at their navjot ceremony six years before) about being free from the superfluous binding of shariat (religious tradition). It was read out by Eruch, and then Mehernaz recited the Master’s Prayer and went to the women’s side, where Mehera dressed her in the sadra and kusti.

(Lord Meher-p-5235-1966)


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