Swami Satya Prakash Udaseen

swami satya prakash udaseen wtih murl kale

– Swami Satya Prakash Udaseen. Murli Kale seen sitting behind. Jabalpur 1972 –

For Silence Day, the mandali at Guruprasad and Meherabad and Baba’s followers throughout the world were informed to observe complete silence from 8:00 P.M. on July 9 until 8:00 P.M. on Monday, 10 July 1961. That day also was the release of the first issue of an English and Telugu quarterly devoted to Baba called Divya Vani (Divine Voice), published in Andhra by Swami Satyaprakash Udaseen. Kutumba Sastri had introduced Swami Satyaprakash to Baba in May at Guruprasad.

LM Page 4766 Yr 1961

Swami Satya Prakash Udaseen

– Swami Satya Prakash Udaseen –