Abdulla Haroon Zaffer was brother in law of Ramjoo, came in contact of Meher Baba early in 1922. He travelled with Baba in January 1922, along with others on a costal steamer from Bombay to Mandawa.

His life time reminiscences with Meher Baba are elaborated as under.

During 1922, a court case was brought to Baba’s attention by Ramjoo’s brother-in-law, Abdulla Haroon Jaffer. He informed the Master that after his father’s death, his elder brother had wrongfully seized possession of the family’s estate and a lawsuit over rightful ownership was proceeding in the local court. His brother, however, was an influential businessman, highly regarded in government circles, so Jaffer expressed little hope of winning the lawsuit. Baba smiled, promising that Jaffer would win the lawsuit and added that he would be compensated Rs.30, 000 from the estate, but remarked that it would not be his brother who would pay this settlement.

Jaffer’s case dragged on for ten years, eventually reaching the high court, but in the end he won. True to Baba’s words, Jaffer was paid exactly Rs.30, 000 from the estate, but it was paid by his nephews, not his elder brother who had died. Jaffer was very happy at the outcome and expressed his gratitude to Baba by generously contributing to the Master’s birthday celebration at Nasik in 1937 which, due to Jaffer’s donation, was held on a very grand scale.

He stayed at Saifi Lane, East Street, in Poona and was instrumental to carry letters for Mahatma Gandhi which were sent to his address by Famous Dadachanji on behalf of Avatar Meher Baba.

In 1923, after a long discussion, it was decided by Baba that they should instead stay in Abdulla Jaffer’s house in the Camp area of Poona, and Sadashiv should be told to arrange for the mandali’s food. During this time, Baba would still drink only coffee and perhaps occasionally eat a small amount of vegetables. Abdulla Jaffer (Ramjoo’s brother-in-law) willingly put his bungalow at Baba’s disposal. At first Sadashiv agreed to provide food for the group, but later expressed his inability to do so. He was upset at Baba’s staying at Abdulla’s house, because he wanted the Master to stay with him. Baba returned to Abdulla’s that evening. The 23rd of August was the ninth day of Moharram and Baba watched the Tazia procession from Dr. Mody’s dispensary, where Abdulla had arranged seats for them.

On 12th August 1927, Abdulla Zaffer and Babu Cyclewala arrived and spoke with Baba about current controversy regarding Shivaji’s caste. Some were claiming that Shivaji had really been a Muslim. Baba stated: “Though the statement ‘Shivaji was born of Mogul blood’ is absolutely false. It is correct that Shivaji is now born of Persian blood!”

On 23 rd May 1939, with Chanji as His only companion, Baba left for nearby Talegaon and visited at Ramjoo’s sister and her husband, Amina and Abdulla Zaffer. There He met His lovers for darshan. Something happened that disturbed Baba and He ordered Amina that so long she lived; she should never take His darshan again by bowing on His feet.

On Sunday, 26 November 1950, four of Baba’s Old Life closest disciples, who had informed Baba of their financial difficulties in Mahabaleshwar, were called to Bombay. They were Baba’s brother Beheram, Ramjoo’s brother-in-law Abdulla Jaffer of Nasik, Dattu Mehendarge (Adi Sr.’s office assistant), and Rustom Dinyar of Deolali. At Ashiana, Baba explained to them: “While I was doing My work with the poor during My travels, I remembered you also. And so, I have called you here today to extend the same service to you.”

Baba urged the four men to allow him to carry out the procedure freely and completely, without any hesitation on their part. “This is neither charity nor a favor done by Me,” Baba explained through Eruch. “The money also is not mine. It is part of the amount given to Me by loving hearts, to be used for helping the needy. I consider you to be in need of help, and I give this without any obligation upon you of any kind.” Baba then washed and placed His head on their feet. Afterwards, He handed Rs.1, 000 to each, and the four recipients were sent back to their respective places.

In 1952, Abdulla Jaffer related his experience to Baba. He said, “Baba, when I was repeating Allah Hu this morning, I was about to fall asleep. But that very moment, I saw you sitting on my bed, and this saved the near break in the continuous repetition of God’s name.”

Abdulla Zaffer, who was an asthmatic, had trouble repeating God’s name while seated, so he would stand from 3.00 to 5.00 A.M. and say God’s name. Because he had almost fallen sleep, Nana Kher was instructed by Baba to keep him company and thus make certain that there was no break in the repetition. From that night on, Nana had to remain with Abdulla and also with Gadekar, since he too suffered from asthma.

Early disciple, Abdulla Haroon Jaffer, died two weeks before in Nasik, on 23 November 1953.

Baba said, “Like others Abdulla Jaffer in his life had loved Me with all his heart.


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