The Sadguru of Sakori Upasani Maharaj NEW BOOK

The Sadguru of Sakori Upasani Maharaj NEW BOOK

Sadguru Upasni Maharaj

Jai Baba Dear Baba Lovers,

Avatar Meher Baba asked some of His disciples to publish a book on the life and work of the Perfect Master Upasani Maharaj. “The Sadguru of Sakori” was published in 1923 in Gujarati in two volumes in India. This book translation from Gujarati to English was long awaited so that a large number of people and seekers of Truth across the boundaries of nations and religions may be benefited by establishing a contact with one of the five Perfect Masters of this Avataric Age, if not in person then at least through his biography.

Dr. Anurag Gumashta was destined to do this great service of translating the Gujarati version into English. The original Gujarati version was published in 1923 and now its English version is being published in 2012. Whatever may be the reason for this delay, but surely according to God’s plan; this is the right time when this translation is being made available to all seekers and readers. Dr. Gumashta deserves the best compliments from all of us who are really interested in such literature and also from those who will get chance to go through this publication. Shakespeare says, “We cannot all be masters, nor all masters can be truly followed,” but Upasani Maharaj is one of those true Masters whose glory will be established through this book. Finally this book may lead its readers to search for these truths which are enclosed herein.

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In His Love & Service,
Atul Srivastava
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