Baba Function at Mandla


Mandla, a place in Madhya Pradesh (India) was chosen by Meher Baba in early 1940’s for spiritual activity. A Samadhi like structure was also built there as per Baba’s instructions on a piece of land gifted to Meher Baba by the local persons. Later Meher Baba decided to abandon the project and the Structure was unattended for long. Meher Baba lovers at Mandla decided to hold a Baba gathering at the place on 29th and 30th of December 2009, which was attended by a number of Baba lovers from different parts of India including Meherabad. The Mandla Structure or Meher Kuti what ever you call it, is almost of the same dimension of the Samadhi at Meherabad. The place is quite near to one of the finest Reserve Forests of India “Kanha Kisli” where a large number of tourist visit every year to view the animals and the Great Indian Tiger in the wild.

Meher Kuti at Mandla -Standing Shaligram Sharma ji and Tony

Follow here for a full report on Mandla Programme with photographs by Bob Underwood:

Tony Griss and I traveled together to Jabalpur and joined fellow Ahmednagar pilgrims, Ramanujan, Darunkar and Ashok Ambulkar. Since we had a little time to spare , We took a side-trip to Marble Rocks. This was a thrill for me.. Marble rocks is a water filled canyon cut in various shades of marble. The clifs about 100ft high and the water about 600 ft deep in places.. We boarded a boat and were rowed out at sunset thru about a mile or two of canyon singing and enjoying the other tourist boats, the guides and the presence of the Avatar in Nature. Baba had visited this place and stayed at a Govt Rest House. On inquiry we learned that the caretaker who met Baba and his son had both passed on. the current caretaker was well aware of the History and showed us photos of Baba…

All this sight -seeing put us way behind schedule and we drove thru a long long pot-holed road thru a wilderness in a remote section of India arriving at around 11pm. Shaligram Sharma met us.. The events of the Sahavas were in Hindi but I thoroughly enjoyed the love, appreciation, … and kindness of EVERYONE I met…Babas language is of the Heart and this Mandala gathering was soaked in His Love. I especially appreciated the kindness and hard work of Lucky who looked after us and the friendship of Shyam. The Quwalli ( sp) singing was outstanding!!

I steped outside to roam around and had chai with a local guy who took me on a short boatride across the Narada river.. He introduced me to his brother who had no functioning hands. I enjoyed meeting both of them……

The next day was drizzly-wet and we paraded about 1 km thru town to a building Baba established to resemble the Samadhi. It has steps leading up to a small porch and windows in front. Immediately over the threshold, steps lead down to the crypt.. We took darshan here.
I was suprised to see ANOTHER Samadhi—-especially one built under Baba’s order.

It was such a sweet gathering.

Bob Underwood

Inauguration Function at Mandla