July 23, 2024
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About Meher Baba

Love Comes West

Lovely stills and film footage documenting Meher Baba's visits to the West from 1931 through the 1950s. Narrated by Jamie Dillon and Peggy Rock with Meher Baba's words read by John Krchniak. In addition there is fine guitar playing musical accompaniment by Tuck Andress. For more information visit www.Sheriarbooks.org. [... More info ...]

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Online Videos

Samadhi of Meher Baba

An interesting and informative video detailing the history of Meher Baba's tomb-shrine and by association Meherabad, India where it is located. Meher Baba first began utilizing the space that was destined to become his tomb in 1927 at which time he stated that this would be so. This video is full of neat facts about the samadhi (tomb-shrine) as well as beautiful images and profound messages from Meher Baba. For more information visit www.Sheriarbooks.org. [... More info ...]

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Don Stevens - In Meher Baba's Presence

An excerpt from the 1994 documentary, 'Meher Baba, The Awakener'.
Born in 1919 in Nevada and raised in California, Don Stevens graduated with a degree in chemistry from Johns Hopkins University. He became employed in the petroleum industry, subsequently traveling throughout the world as a representative of a major American oil company. During his travels he met with Meher Baba in India and thereafter maintained a close relationship with him, working on various literary projects and with groups of young people interested in Baba. Mr. Stevens is co-editor of God Speaks and has written a variety of books on Meher Baba including Listen, Humanity, and the recent Meher Baba's Gift of Intuition. [... More info ...]

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About Meher Baba

The Who and Meher Baba

From a BBC documentary on the late Ronnie Lane, with contributions from Pete Townsend and The Who on the role the Indian spiritual teacher Meher Baba played in the sixties for musicans of the time. [... More info ...]

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