July 23, 2024

Don Stevens - In Meher Baba's Presence

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An excerpt from the 1994 documentary, 'Meher Baba, The Awakener'.
Born in 1919 in Nevada and raised in California, Don Stevens graduated with a degree in chemistry from Johns Hopkins University. He became employed in the petroleum industry, subsequently traveling throughout the world as a representative of a major American oil company. During his travels he met with Meher Baba in India and thereafter maintained a close relationship with him, working on various literary projects and with groups of young people interested in Baba. Mr. Stevens is co-editor of God Speaks and has written a variety
of books on Meher Baba including Listen, Humanity, and the recent Meher Baba's Gift of Intuition.

Spiritual Films and VideosMeher Baba Films and Videos

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