January 23, 2022

Glow International

Glow International – Meher Baba Magazine

Glow International - Meher Baba Magazine

For over 35 years Glow International has served as a beacon for Meher Baba’s Universal Message of Love, Peace and Compassion. That does not mean that we have simply published a journal for 35 years. With the tangible support of our readers worldwide, we have created in the pages of Glow International a record for posterity of the Avatar’s ministry on earth. We have shared his message of love and continue to share his message of love, hope, and unity amongst mankind.

Glow International is a universal journal. It is for everyone. It is non-dogmatic and non-sectarian. It is read by those who call themselves “Baba lovers” and by those who do not call themselves “Baba lovers” — and are simply “seekers.” But all our readers are committed to personal spiritual transformation.

Glow International deals with contemporary issues as dictated by incidents in our daily lives. We are governed by the words of Meher Baba in his Discourses — words that transform consciousness, words that awaken.

Meher Baba attaches a powerful spiritual energy to his words. And it is these words that we feature in the pages of Glow International.

Glow International is published each quarter from contributions made to Beloved Archives, Inc.

Please mail all subscriptions to:

The Meher Baba Work
P.O. Box 10
New York, N.Y. 10185

Subscribers in India send subscription to:

Please send Rs.800 for 4 issues of the Glow International to:
Bank Account No: 1060301078 A/c Name: GLOW INTERNATIONAL
Central Bank of India IFSC Code: CBIN0280847
Brigade Road Branch, Bangalore (India)

Glow International,
Contact Person: V. B. Geeta Jayaram,
718-A Vinayakanagar, 5th Cross, A Block, 1st Main,
Konena Agrahara, HAL Post,
Bangalore 560017, Karnataka,INDIA
Phone: +91.80.255221118 Mobile: +91.9632776150
Email Id: vbgeeta [@] yahoo.com

Glow International Meher Baba Magazine

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Editor: Naosherwan Anzar
Connsulting Editor: Freiny Nalavala
Treasurer:: Mahrukh Nalavala
Computer Consultants: Jerry and Shirla Edwards

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