June 6, 2023

Shore to Shoreless

Shore to Shoreless

Professor J.S. Rathore

Shore to Shoreless: A voyage across the Ocean of Existence is a book of a different kind. It is not a scholarly, comparative and interpretive presentation of what can be called as the ‘thought’ of Meher Baba. Shore to Shoreless is an account of a mystic voyage undertaken by five seekers of Love and Truth, with Meher Baba as the captain of their ship. They traverse the entire expanse of Existence going across the Ocean of Infinite Real Nothing, which appears falsely as the Everything, and reach the Shoreless Ocean of Infinite Real Everything. Shore to Shoreless reveals about the relative reality of the outer and inner worlds,
about the reality of man, about the Cosmic Divine Plan and Program in operation, and about the profound spiritual significance of our lives.

Five Individuals – Mary, Mika, Ram, Rahim and Professor – tormented by their own personal problems, meet each other accidently. Mary, and English lady, is a physicist; Mika, Japanese, was a Buddhist monk and is now a spiritual pilgrim; Ram, an Indian, is a scholar of Hindu philosophy; Rahim, a Muslim is a biologist from an American University; and Professor, an Indian, is a university teacher. All of them are in great mental agony and are seriously in search of the ultimate reality in order to discover man’s real position in the cosmos. They are joined by Merwan who tells them about the existence of two oceans – the ‘Ocean of Nothing’ and the ‘Ocean of Everything’. He assures them that all their problems will be solved once they reach the ‘Ocean of Everything’, where alone they can find real joy and happiness. However, in order to reach the ‘Ocean of Everything’, they would have to sail across the ‘Ocean of Nothing’ with Avatar Meher Baba as their companion and guide.

All of them agree to undertake this voyage across the ‘Ocean of Nothing’ with Meher Baba as the captain of their ship. Together they traverse the Macro and Micro realms of the gross universe and the inner subtle and mental worlds to reach the ‘shoreless’ – the Supreme Divine Being, in whom they discover lasting happiness and peace.

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