April 20, 2024

The Awakener Magazine

Welcome to The Awakener Magazine

This website contains all 67 issues of The Awakener Magazine conceived and edited by Filis Frederick during the years 1953-1986. The Awakener Magazine was produced with the direct approval of Meher Baba and was dedicated to spreading His message of Love and Truth.

These journals contain messages, discourses, and pearls of wisdom given by Meher Baba along with fascinating first-hand stories told by many of His intimate disciples from all over the world. They also hold very lovely paintings and drawings of Baba, sweet poems, and precious photos of Him and His lovers.

Please help us improve the quality of the images by donating original scans or prints of any of the photos, drawings or paintings you see in these pages. We invite you to click on “Contact Us” to send us your comments, questions or corrections so we can offer to posterity the best possible reproduction of this most extraordinary Magazine…Meher Baba’s The Awakener Magazine.

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