July 23, 2024
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Don Stevens - In Meher Baba's Presence

An excerpt from the 1994 documentary, 'Meher Baba, The Awakener'.
Born in 1919 in Nevada and raised in California, Don Stevens graduated with a degree in chemistry from Johns Hopkins University. He became employed in the petroleum industry, subsequently traveling throughout the world as a representative of a major American oil company. During his travels he met with Meher Baba in India and thereafter maintained a close relationship with him, working on various literary projects and with groups of young people interested in Baba. Mr. Stevens is co-editor of God Speaks and has written a variety of books on Meher Baba including Listen, Humanity, and the recent Meher Baba's Gift of Intuition. [... More info ...]

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Jal Irani

Jal Irani - Meher Baba's Brother

In the extremely rare footage from a 1973 film shot by advent historian Charles Morton,Jal Irani, Meher Baba's brother discusses in this Dvd Documentary 'Spiritual StoryTelling' several interesting Baba events. [... More info ...]

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Don Stevens

Don Stevens in - God Speaks Seminar Vol 2

In Volume 2 of the Five Volume God Speaks Seminar Meher Baba Archives shares this segment -that if God wrote the book, God Speaks, wouldn't God want to title it, to be titled 'God Speaks'? Who knows. The Oral History Archive Project's goal is to collect, manage, and preserve these priceless media assets. . For additional information on this Dvd and additional archive materials:http://meherbabaarchives.blogspot.com/ [... More info ...]

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Bal Natu

Bal Natu-A Conversation

The author of the "Conversations with The Awakener" series,Bal Natu shares his sense of how these "conversations" came into being in a warm, loving and humor laced interview.video taped in 1992. For more information visit www.Sheriarbooks.org. [... More info ...]

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Katie Irani - Declaration of Independence

In the 'Declaration of Independence' Katie Irani discusses the everyday by becoming attentively aware of the conditions living with instructions from the God Man, Meher Baba. Another media asset from the Archive Dvd Collection of the AMBCSC Oral History Archive Project - -Information begins with:http://meherbabaarchives.blogspot.com/ [... More info ...]

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Adi K Irani

Adi K Irani - Journey to Conviction 2

The Adi K Irani --Journey to Conviction is so delightful that Archives wishes to add another incarnation of this film to our devotional film samples. From the 1973 Great American Sahavas this rare and most precious moment. For additional information on this Dvd Advent Documentary and access into the Archive Vault visit the advancing Manifestation in the here and now at: http://meherbabaarchives.blogspot.com/ [... More info ...]

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