July 23, 2024
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Books By Meher Baba

God Speaks by Meher Baba

GOD SPEAKS BY MEHER BABAGod Speaks by Meher Baba is a vivid description of the theme of creation and its purpose ….using the “Sufi”, “Mystic” and “Vedantic” terminologies at the same time to explain the deepest secrets of evolution and involution through seven planes of consciousness …. God Realization … states of Mazoob, Brahmibhoot, Qutub, and the most awaited event in spirituality the advent of the Avatar, as explained by Meher Baba …. This unparalleled exposition on the theme of God and Creation explains how God, the sole Existence and Reality, comes to know Himself through the medium of His own imagination or dream. Encompassed in the discussion are such topics as: God’s whim to know Himself, the evolution of consciousness, reincarnation, the drop-soul’s involutionary journey through the seven inner planes, God-realization, the spiritual hierarchy, and the ten states of God. (Includes 11 charts.) [… More info …]

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