April 20, 2024

Eternal Beloved

This is a very special and intimate portrait of Baba. The DVD begins with colour footage of Baba striding along, beaming at people, hugging children and giving prasad. What comes through constantly is the intimacy that Baba gave to all those He reached; the film shows Him touching and caressing individuals all the time, giving out to them without ceasing, His acceptance of all. Mani, His sister, talks about His gestures, the one for love being the same as for forgiveness, a welling up from inside and giving up.

Another of His disciples, Dr Goher talks about the infinite compassion in Baba's eyes, the ocean of forgiveness. They both emphasise His beauty and His fragrance - the glow of divinity that emanated from Him. Several of the key themes that Baba gave out are focussed upon: the suffering that the Avatar undergoes on behalf of all humanity, Baba's work "Mastery in Servitude", and the goal of bringing spiritual freedom to all. Eruch Jessawala, another of Baba's main disciples, speaking from Mandali Hall at Meherazad, says that Baba asked people to remember one thing "I have not come to teach but to awaken". It is a pleasure to have these reminders of what Baba is, done in such a joyful light way through the focus on Baba as intimate. This is an excellent and lovingly crafted DVD from Stephen Edelman with a narration by Charles Haynes.


In this beautiful video, Meher Baba is presented simply and directly as the God of Love. Using rare and extraordinary footage taken over a period of nearly 40 years, the film captures the warmth, humor and compassion of the man whose love has touched so many hearts. The story is movingly told through the experiences of three of Baba’s closest disciples: his sister Mani, Eruch Jessawala, and Dr. Goher Irani. 40 minutes.

(The Video Preview for the Film is not available as yet.)

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