July 25, 2024

Sparks of the Truth

Sparks of the Truth by Meher BabaTwenty powerful dissertations on the spiritual path, the nature of the soul and the meaning of life. Pointed and pithy, these messages in many ways shake up some frequently held misconceptions about the spiritual life. Published 1971.

“Sparks of the Truth” From Dissertations of Meher Baba By C.D. Deshmukh

While in good part based on diary records from the 1920s, it should be underscored that the essays in Sparks are emphatically not edits and rewrites of discourses that Baba gave at an earlier time. In each essay Deshmukh has identified his own theme and subject and has selected material from diverse and widely separated sources to fill out his exposition, writing up the selected content in his own prose.

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