July 25, 2024

The God-Man

The God-Man

C.B. Purdom

This is the most complete biography of Meher Baba available. It describes in detail the various phases of His life, journeys and spiritual work up to the 1960s: the early years; Baba’s meeting with the Perfect Masters of the time; His work with His early disciples; the beginning of His Silence and His comments on it; the period of world travel; the ten years’ work of finding and working with masts (the spiritually intoxicated); the enigmatic three-year phase of the austere and strenuous “New Life”; a complete chapter on Baba’s Final Declaration (concerning the breaking of His Silence and the imminent revolution in consciousness on earth). The book contains verbatim coverage of many exchanges between Baba and various seekers of God who approached Him, as well as conversations with His disciples and close followers. This biography bulges with discourses and explanations not elsewhere published, and it enlivens them with a flavor of the rich human context in which they were given.

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