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All my life I had been searching for that inner One I now know as Meher Baba. I searched through religions and churches, meditation and mysticism and devoured new age teachings. In the churches I searched for the ‘real’ Lord Jesus I knew existed and through mediation got a bit closer by moving inside myself to find Him. The new age therapies and teachings expanded my consciousness in wonderful ways. – Patricia Caswell

I explored the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual make-up of myself as far as I could. I found many inner aspects that needed healing and attended workshops and courses to achieve this. My intuition grew and developed. It was on one of these courses that the Master first came to me. This was a complete surprise to me. He did not give me His name, but was very beautiful. … On my first visit to the Samadhi of Meher Baba I noticed that love offerings were made of flowers and garlands. I had a desire one day to offer a garland myself but could not see where they were obtained from. I stood empty handed in a short queue to enter His sacred shrine, I had not mentioned this wish to anyone. After a short while an unknown woman came up to me with a garland saying “you need this please have it”. With thanks to her and to the ‘all knowing’ of Meher Baba I was able to offer a lovely garland.

MeheroseMeher Baba composed a special prayer and silently participated many times when it was being said before Him. He said that He gave such power to this prayer that anyone who said it would be benefitted and that He is actually present when it is being said.At the time of the following story I had no knowledge of the above but noticed that at 7.00a.m. and 7.00p.m. this prayer was said at His tomb shrine along with other devotional songs for 45 minutes. I was not interested in this prayer as it reminded me of my school days and the formality of ‘having to say’ the Lord’s Prayer. I disassociated myself from it. There is and was no compulsion to attend this time of prayer at His shrine.

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