June 25, 2024

“Meher Baba and Me” by Jim Migdoll

An ebook by Jim Migdoll .. “When Meher Baba and me was first published I expected to be addressing a Baba lover audience exclusively. It turned out that a number of relatives and friends who were not Baba lovers liked the book very much and the lack of knowledge regarding Baba’s Life or ‘Cosmology’ didn’t seem to matter. This was a lovely surprise! For those readers who might want to know more about Baba, I’d like to recommend this unusual, amazing web site” ..

For many people, sometime after they reach fifty years of age, the reality of their mortality takes tangible shape. Today, Sunday 12 June 2005, in my fifty-seventh year (whilst the Australian Anniversary of Baba’s visit is in full swing), I’ve finally decided I will leave something behind. I hope and pray that someone out there is inspired to love and remember Him a little bit more and repeat His Name, still yet more. I hope there are teentsy-weentsy flecks of His Glory leaping up and off, at least some of these pages. NON-AUSTRALIAN READERS: As an expatriate American, I trust the colloquialisms, slang and unique ‘Aussie’ ways of expression won’t be a stumbling block to understanding and enjoyment; since ‘Baba’s poet’, Francis Brabazon, has paved the way. I’ve added a few footnotes for non-Australian readers but I’ve lost track of which expressions would be known or used, in America or England. Australia, like England, has an amazingly vast arsenal of slang, colloquialisms and idioms. One example of a word that I struggled over, trying to imagine if there was any way Americans would know this word – it’s tucker. Tucker=food (now I don’t have to put in footnotes for tucker). I’ve included many ‘non-Baba’ poems because I like them and feel they are some of my best. Most of the ‘work poems’ were written during the first ten or eleven years in Australia, and my business was outdoor work: rubbish removal, gardening, land clearing, tree pruning etc. Later, the work poems were written while driving taxis or jobs I’ve had delivering food supplies. ….

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Meher Baba and Me by Jim Migdoll

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