July 23, 2024

MBCTC Twin Cities

Meher Baba Web SitesThe MBCTC relies in part on your membership support to sustain our activities throughout the year and to make possible scholarships to support participation for any of us who may be invited to experience a “temporary” taste of the New Life. Please send membership dues of $15 along with any additional charitable gift (payable to MBCTC) to: Bob Ochtrup, 4300 West River Pkwy, Unit # 141 Minneapolis, MN 55406

Meher Baba Center of the Twin Cities

The Meher group in Minneapolis and St Paul hold meetings in the homes of members and local meeting halls. Activities include readings from writings of/about Meher Baba, annual public events and other activities. Information about these meetings can be obtained by calling

Ravimeher Errabolu
Tel: +1-612 947 9223
email: [email protected]

Meher Baba Twin Cities Center website [URL expired or not working]

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