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Beloved Archives : Publishers of Glow International on Meher Baba

Beloved Archives and Glow International magazine by Naosherwan AnzarGlow International, the journal devoted to Meher Baba, was launched in 1966 with specific instructions from Meher Baba — and now with Beloved Archives — it bears testimony to the promise made to the Beloved. Beloved Archives has been set up to preserve and protect for posterity a vast collection of documents, photographs, artifacts, and a lot more, on the life and work of Meher Baba — collected over a 60-year period.

Beloved Archives Inc.

Glow International magazine on Meher Baba is one aspect of our work. The other very important and immediate aspect of our work is the Archival Preservation Project.

Beloved Archives Inc. holds one of the largest and most unique collections of Meher Baba archival material in the world. The Archival Preservation Project volunteers have begun work on research into the details of Meher Baba’s life, work, travels, and his writings. At the same time, information is being gathered into the finest methods of preserving his textile-based artifacts, letters and documents, films, photographs, and a large amount of correspondence relating to his ministry. Our collections of original handwritten letters by Meher Baba (signed Merwan) date back to 1922.

We are in the process, as funds become available, of acquiring fireproof storage files and cabinets and preserving documents and photographs in acid-free folders. We have already completed the process of preservation and cataloging of Meher Baba’s sadras, handkerchiefs, coats, suits, cups, plates, personal items, like cotton earplugs, soap and mirror, and other items.

Restoration of Photographs and Documents:

Since we established Beloved Archives, our goal has been to preserve and restore a vast collection of documents and photographs and house the material in a way that meets the highest standards of archival preservation. Contributions to the Archival Project will help us determine in a scientific manner, with the assistance of a trained conservator, structural stability of each object (both photographs and documents), ways and means to counteract chemical and physical deterioration, and perform conservation treatments.

Our goal at this time is to restore original photographs through computer-generated techniques.

We need volunteers for a new phase in our work. We need to carry out meticulous sorting, dusting, and rehousing of documentary materials in acid-free folders. In this work each sheet and document has to be taken from its file, dusted, inserted in acid-free folders with interleafing papers and mylar when necessary, and refiled.

How to Subscribe to Glow International Magazine on Meher Baba

How to subscribers in India:

Please send Rs.800 + 200 for getting delivery through registered post in India for 4 issues of the Glow International:

Bank Account No: 1060301078 A/c Name: GLOW INTERNATIONAL
Central Bank of India IFSC Code: CBIN0280847
Brigade Road Branch, Bangalore (India)

Glow International,
Contact Person: V. B. Geeta Jayaram,
718-A Vinayakanagar, 5th Cross, A Block, 1st Main,
Konena Agrahara, HAL Post,
Bangalore 560017, Karnataka,INDIA
Phone: +91.80.255221118 Mobile: +91.9632776150
Email Id: [email protected]

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