May 29, 2024

Meher Spiritual University

Meher Spiritual UniversityMeher Spiritual University or MSU is a online University imparting short courses based on the teachings of Meher Baba – One of the greatest spiritual masters of our time. MSU aims to impart real spiritual education on various spiritual subjects. Real spiritual education gives the gift of spiritual knowledge and the real spiritual knowledge fills the heart of the recipient with love for God. Real spiritual education brings about a total value reorientation in the daily life of the recipient. His or her daily life becomes the living precept.

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MSU is a seminary of Meher Baba’s words aiming to preserve and disseminate in its purest form, spiritual knowledge given by Meher Baba as a gift to humanity. It is a place where tired travelers can rest and rejuvenate finding purpose in their lives by reconnecting with the Eternal Beloved God. It is a place where anyone can lift the mighty sword of knowledge crafted by Meher Baba’s words and cut through the forest of illusion to find their way back home – to God.

Courses offered by the MSU are completely free and are available to anyone irrespective of their faith or religious orientation. Meher Baba greatly stressed on Love and it is in the same spirit of love that we offer these courses.

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