Katie Irani of Meherabad

Katie Irani

Born to a family of close Baba followers in Quetta, (India) Katie and her older sister Goher fell in love with Meher Baba as small children. From the time she joined Him on the Blue Bus tours in 1937, Baba gave Katie plenty of scope for her talents. She made Him laugh in funny skits and with amusing stories, entertained Him with her rich and beautiful singing, cooked for His women’s ashram. Even after Baba sent her to stay in Bombay to live with Arnavaz and Nariman Dadachanji at the start of the New Life, she lived under His direct orders always — and did so till the end of her life. Katie worked at the Japanese Embassy in Bombay for 28 years and during this time she often visited Baba and the women mandali in Meherazad and at Gurupreasad, Pune where she would regale Baba with the most recent comical events from her life in which the starring role always fell to her. In 1978 when Goher opened the new building for Meher Free Dispensary, she called Katie to stay at Meherazad permanently to assist her in the clinic. And eventually Katie helped in Baba’s kitchen — a job which she diligently performed despite her failing health till the very end.

Katie’s vivacious and outgoing personality, wonderful sense of humour (showcased in her hilarious ashram stories), sharing her delicious recipes both personally and through her book, COOKING WITH KATIE, and heart-stirring singing of Baba’s Name and songs have delighted generations of pilgrims at Meherazad ever since.

We, her Meherazad family, salute our dear Katie’s total dedication to her Beloved Avatar, and her untiring service to Him and His close ones.


Meherazad family

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From Bhau Kalchuri

I received the message from Shiva that my dearest Administrator Katie passed away in order to join Beloved Baba permanently. Though her physical absence will be felt by everyone in the world, still what fortune she has that she has joined Baba permanently. May Beloved Baba keep her in peace and make her again Administrator if it is His Wish. Then, whether Baba gives her duty depends on His Wish.

She remained happy and cheerful, and she did not give any trouble to anyone.On the contrary, pilgrims liked to be in her company. If she comes back, she will come back for her duty to Beloved Baba, and she will do Beloved Baba’s work. She will give joy to others and remain an example for the world.

With all love and Jai Baba to you all, dear Meheru, dear Manu, dear Merwan,dear Falu and all those who were serving her directly and all those who are working there at Meherazad and connected with her indirectly.

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From Rick and Sheryl Chapman

Katie Rustom Irani

Whenever the Avatar comes, He brings with Him His Circle, His most intimate and closest disciples. Katie Irani, with her sister, Goher, was one of those most special souls, in Beloved Avatar Meher Baba’s contact since earliest childhood and throughout her life. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about Katie, however, is not her once-in-a-hundred-million-lifetimes opportunity to live as one of the closest members of the Avatar’s “family,” but that she was, from all outer appearances, perhaps the least likely candidate for that most privileged position. Katie was every person, any person, full of fun and full of foibles. She was personable in the extreme, so very easy to talk to and to laugh with, and she was equally as unmystical as a pot of dhansak dal. Absolutely nobody would have guessed that, behind those “everyday” appearances, Katie Irani was an intimate disciple of the Highest Spiritual Authority of the Age, the Eternal Beloved of every heart. But that she was, because she was His. All His. That’s all that ever mattered, and all that matters now and forevermore.

Katie, dear, we’ll truly miss you. But we know that you have rejoined your Beloved Baba with an immediate charge, that is, to stand with dearest Naja in the Heavenly Kitchens in serving Beloved Baba, Darling Mehera, and all the close ones who have gotten there before you. All our love, always, in His Love Divine!


Sheryl and Rick Chapman
29 May 2009

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