January 16, 2021

Spanish Meher Baba Websites

Meher Baba Biography, websites and information in Spanish

As there was very little on the internet in Spanish-language about Meher Baba, first Kendra got permission from Don Stevens to post some Discourses of Meher Baba in Spanish and she designed a personal blog on Meher Baba in Spanish. Recently a very informative Spanish Meher Baba website is brought online by the Spanish group providing download links to Meher Baba Books and also Biography and other information about Meher Baba translated into Spanish.

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  • Kendras Spanish Blog about Meher Baba
  • https://www.meherbaba.es/

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    Kendra Spanish Blog on Meher Baba

    Meher Baba Web Sites

    I, (Kendra Crossen Burroughs) began this site when I discovered that there was very little on the Spanish-language Internet about Meher Baba. (This was before the talented Argentine group at www.meherbaba.com.ar (Now unavailable) completed their wonderful website.) I got permission from Don Stevens to post some Discourses of Meher Baba in Spanish. I added a sound file of Arsenio Rodriguez singing the Spanish Arti, a list of books in Spanish, a link to a clip from a film on Baba in Spanish, Spanish versions of Baba’s prayers, and a translation of the section in Lord Meher describing Baba’s trip to Spain. I am pleased that people from all over the world have visited my Spanish website. Believe it or not, I do not speak much Spanish myself! Jai Baba.

    Spanish WebSite by Kendra

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    Meher Baba Spanish Website: Meher Baba Spanish Website

    Este sitio web está dedicado a Meher Baba, y contiene libros escritos por él y relacionados con él, información sobre su vida, obra, imágenes y otros materiales, con el objetivo de acercar su mensaje de Amor y Verdad en el idioma español.

    Provides information about Spanish Biography of Meher Baba, Books, Quotes and other information about how to visit related places in Spanish

  • Meher Baba Spanish Website
  • Meher Baba Biography in Spanish
  • Contact: [email protected]
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