June 19, 2018

LORD MEHER and His Lovers – New Movie


This movie is mostly uncirculated new film footage of Meher Baba never before distributed. This is a new production which will show the amazing and beautiful love between Meher Baba and Mehera as well as her role in the Avatar’s life. It will bring a new understanding of the most pure and loving life that she led with Him. It will also show what love he had for all his disciples, followers and humanity who He would only call his lovers.

This is new rare film footage of Avatar Meher Baba.

This circular is also a fund raiser as we have begun the making of this movie which is all real documentary film of Meher Baba. Not an enactment. To make this will be expensive and is expected to take about a year. It is expected to be about 1hr 30min in length. In the end it will be a most beautiful production in the style of my last film which so many will continue to enjoy so long as the name of the Avatar is known. That is the movie that played in theaters around the world. Titled: “MEHER BABA” Avatar of the Age.

Those who can make a donation of any amount up to $ 50
for the making of this new movie will receive a copy of the Odelet which I just completed titled: “The Journey to the Beyond and Back”

The Odelet is a lighthearted and entertaining poetic rendition of the journey of the soul through evolution, reincarnation and the wonders of the planes of higher consciousness. Based on the explanations of Avatar Meher Baba in His Messages, Discourses and His book “God Speaks”

Those who can donate $ 50 or more.

Will receive the entire book just completed of 50 of my poems which also includes the Odelet. The poems are based on my life experiences and meetings with Meher Baba. They are filled with humor and the many ways he reveals himself and turns us from saints and sinners to His lovers. Simple, easy to read story poems.

Those who can donate $100 or more.

Will receive a DVD of the new movie “LORD MEHER and His Lovers” upon its completion. This will be a pre-release special edition that will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This DVD will be a collectors item in the future. This movie will live forever as long as the name Meher Baba is known to the world.

In addition upon receipt of your $100 donation you will receive now the entire book of poems including the Odelet.

For those who can donate $ 500.

You name will be listed in the credits of the movie as a supporter who helped make this movie possible. Other family members can be listed for an additional $250 each.

In addition you will receive a DVD of the movie when completed.
(with your name(s) in the credits at the end of the movie.

Upon recept of your donation we will also send you the entire book of 50 poems including the Odelet.

For those who can donate $ 10,000.

You will receive a massive unedited uncirculated archives set of 210 video tapes on 123 DVD’S of the amazing interviews and stories told by Meher Baba Diciples all over the world in 1971 to 1973. Filmed by 7 film teams headed by Irwin Luck throughout India, USA, Europe, Middle East.

For those who can afford to get it for showing to your group or center it will be a priceless treasure for those who see the lives that were connected to Meher Baba and what he said and did with them. This is a legacy of the Avatar that you and those with you will want to see for many, many years to come.

All donations (Checks or Money order in US dollars) should be made payable to Meher Baba Archives

Mail to: Meher Baba Archives, Inc.
1130 Waterway Lane
Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 U.S.A

If you wish to use your credit card.
(For amounts up to $ 500) you can send an E-Mail to: [email protected] with the amount of donation and we will send you a Pay Pal money request for that amount.

You can also wire any amount to our bank account from your bank. Let us know and we will send you wiring instructions.

In His loving service,

Irwin Luck

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