June 18, 2018

Lord Meher Biography of Meher Baba

Lord Meher, the 20-volume biography of Avatar Meher Baba. !! All 6,742 pages of Avatar Meher Baba’s Biography “Lord Meher” are currently also available online. For those who would like to buy a Print version the same can be ordered though the available Book Sotes. In October 1968, Baba gave instructions to write a biography and He wanted the life of the five perfect masters included in this book. After Baba dropped the body in January 1969, Bhau collected material for the biography. From September 1971 to December 1972, Bhau wrote the Nothing and the Everything, Lord Meher, and other books. Bhau worked 15-18 hours a day, writing like a machine, and not thinking about what he was writing. Lord Meher is almost a day to day account of Meher Baba’s likfe and work with immense rare photographs. (Although the Books is written by Bhau, we have included it in the featured list as the same is most valuable to know about Meher Baba life than any other Book)

“”by Bhau Kalchuri. 20 volumes. A massive, 7000-page narrative of Meher Baba’s life. This monumental biography is the most detailed story of Meher Baba’s life to date and is likely to remain so for many years to come. Composed of almost daily accounts of the Avatar’s life, it draws on diaries, journals and hundreds of personal interviews. Lavishly illustrated with thousands of photographs, many of them previously unseen.””