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No “Amartithi” gathering in 2021 – Samadhi remains closed for present.

samadhi-closed-corona-effectShridhar Kelkar, Chairman Avatar Meher Baba Trust, announced today on 01st October that there will be no Amartithi Gathering to celebrate Beloved Baba’s 52nd Amartithi on 31st January 2021, as Covid pendamic is not yet under control throughout India and definitely not in Maharashtra and Ahmednagar. The Govt. guidelines to hold public gathering are allowing very limited number of persons, which is not possible in case of Amartithi where very large number of Pilgrims visit Samadhi for the noon Silence and darshan. The Board of Trustees, therefore, entreats His lovers to refrain from coming to Meherabad for Beloved Baba’s 52nd Amartithi 2021 and request Baba lovers all over the world not to get disheartened, but keep saying His Name and remembering that our Beloved God-Man, Meher Baba, is always with us, in our hearts. Throughout the world, at 12 noon on 31st January 2021, we, His lovers will keep this date with the Eternal One and hail the Beloved in our hearts, home, and from our rooftops – AVATAR MEHER BABA KI JAI! However, a Virtual Amartithi Program will be arranged and details will be announced later on. Samadhi remains closed for the present until further decided when to re-open for darshan. [… More info …]