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Samadhi is open for Darshan from threshold – No “Amartithi” gathering in 2021.

samadhi-closed-corona-effectAs a Coronavirus preventive measure Meher Baba Samadhi was closed for Darshan , and now reopens from 19th Nov 2020. However there will be “No” morning and evening Arti. Prasad , Garlands etc also shall NOT be allowed. No one to enter Samadhi, and take darshan only from the door with folded hands. Use Mask and sanitize hands before entering the premises, and maintain social distancing. Facilities for Stay and Food continue to remain Closed, and also there will be NO AMARTITHI in January 2021. Shridhar Kelkar, Chairman Avatar Meher Baba Trust, announced that there will be no Amartithi Gathering to celebrate Beloved Baba’s 52nd Amartithi on 31st January 2021, as Covid pendamic is not yet under control throughout India and definitely not in Maharashtra and Ahmednagar. [… More info …]