July 17, 2018
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Meher Baba News

Baba Function at Mandla

BABA FUNCTION AT MANDLA Mandla, a place in Madhya Pradesh (India) was chosen by Meher Baba in early 1940’s for spiritual activity. A Samadhi like structure was also built there as per Baba’s instructions on [… More info …]

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Meher Baba Mandali

Kalemama and Murli Kale

Kalemama (Ramchandra Bapuji Kale or R. B. Kale – was commonly knows as Kalemama in Meher Baba’s circle) was Meher Baba’s close companion and one of the earliest Mandali, since 1926. A Civil Engineer by Profession Kalemama held a number of responsible positions in Maharastra Govt services, as Chief Executive Officer of Kolhapur Municipal Corporation, Estate Engineer and Secretary at Dhule etc. Kalemama was one of those rare disciples of Baba who also had the rare opportunity to meet Shri Sai Baba, Shri Upasni Maharaj and Shri Narayan Maharaj, a number of times. [… More info …]